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AtLAS is a pioneering entrepreneurship training for athletes. An innovative start-up course serves to enhance both the theoretical and practical competences of high-level athletes across Europe who are considering to found their own business; now or at a later stage of life.

Athletes make great entrepreneurs

Skills cultivated on any playing field serve athletes beyond their sporting careers, also when it comes to entrepreneurship. AtLAS (which is funded by the Erasmus+ sport program of the European Union) supports athletes in pursuing their business ambitions. The training approach offers athletes a most flexible and hands-on study approach to learn new skills and advance their careers.

Just as in sport, AtLAS focuses on what is essential to success. Athletes will be provided with the most innovative methods in entrepreneurship. The blended learning concept will consist of obligatory online and optional on-site training. The virtual modules are delivered via a 5-weeks MOOC, freely accessible for athletes across Europe and beyond. The optional on-site courses are held at 6 selected European universities in Austria, Denmark, Italy, The Netherlands, Scotland and Slovenia. Graduates of the full program are awarded an EQF 4 certificate.

Moreover, an accompanying mentoring programme in cooperation with European business experts will support the participants in further shaping their business ideas. The final AtLAS pitching event in Amsterdam will give an extraordinary stage to the most thrilling business ideas of European athletes.

Overall, the main objectives of AtLAS are:

  • to strengthen athletes’ knowledge about starting and running a business,
  • to foster entrepreneurial spirit among European athletes and sport governing bodies,
  • to connect spheres of higher education and sport to foster dual career pathways of athletes, and,
  • to increase the number of well-prepared company creations.

The consortium

AtLAS represents a joint venture of academics in the field of sport and entrepreneurship and dual career practitioners, uniting the following international institutions:

Become an early bird

AtLAS will run its first course free of charge in October 2021. If you are an athlete interested in joining the program, you can either get in touch to obtain further information on AtLAS or already sign up as an early bird for the training via email.

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