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The AtLAS training enhances both the theoretical and practical competences of high-level athletes who are considering to found their own business; now or at a later stage of life.

Tailored to the specific requirements of high-level athletes, the program represents a most flexible and hands-on study approach to learn new skills and advance their careers. Athlete entrepreneurs and business experts act as supporting mentors of the learners.

The curriculum consists of an obligatory online training. Each of its 5 modules lasts for one week. Every module requires approximately 5 hours of study time. In addition, athletes are offered the unique chance to attend an optional on-site or online-live training at one of 6 European institutions in the same period.

atlas table tennis training modules


The online course is taught in English language via MOOC. Athletes completing all 5 training modules will receive an AtLAS Training Badge (1 ECTS).

Module 1: The entrepreneurial individual

In week 1, you will map out what your ideal athlete entrepreneur looks like, what drives you to be entrepreneurial as an athlete and what makes you stand out as a (former) high-level athlete.

Module 2: Basic skills for entrepreneurship

In week 2, following from your personal reflection in module 1, you will assess your own current skills in terms of technological skills and networking. Following these reflections, you will be guided to develop or enhance your own personal profile on specific online platforms (e.g., LinkedIn). This will support you to consider how best to create an effective online profile to further enhance and expand your own network.

Module 3: Entrepreneurial thinking & mindset

In week 3, you will be be shown how to make the first steps in terms of an entrepreneurial mindset and market analysis. We teach you how to use marketing strategies, together with a design thinking approach, to put yourself in the shoes of your target group(s) and understand real needs and/or wants coming from the market.

Module 4: Entrepreneurial processes

In week 4, you will learn how to qualify a conversation with your target audience that enables you to understand their needs and their actions. It is a crucial step for an entrepreneur to go out in to the real world and test assumptions. Furthermore, we will provide you with useful tools to develop a good business model for startups. Together, this will help you make a more realistic business model, and help you take further steps towards realizing a business idea.

Module 5: Founding a company

In week 5, you will be introduced to startup-funding and legislation. You will get to know how to identify relevant funding. Finally, you will have the opportunity to develop a Pitch Deck for a pitch event.


3 days of face-to-face or online-live classes at 6 possible locations are taught in the mother tongue of the respective host country. Athletes completing the online course plus >50% of the on-site classes will receive an AtLAS Training Certificate (2 ECTS).

Download the AtLAS Training Material as well as the AtLAS Guidebook in your country version:

Upgrade your entrepreneurial skills, develop your business idea and boost your dual career with AtLAS!